Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I guess this is my first time doing some hair do after watching a dancing competition.

Yes~ Yes~ Aye Hasegawa~ From what I know... she's a dancer, choreographer, model and... she's still a student. How I wish I could be like her.. 
But, anyway I like her hair style on the night of Astro Battleground'13 in Malaysia which makes me so want to have that hair style which I would called it " Mickey Mouse" haha... 

I tried to did it on my own hair..... Since now I have a shoulder length hair tying a twin bun isn't much of a problem..... * There isn't much of a problem....* But there still a problem... they look amazingly SMALL!!! T.T 
I didn't give up but I did it in my style haha... Well that hair style in an inspiration anyway~ I still need to work it in my way and the result is!!!

Jyan jyan~ Ahahaha It seems like I grew horns on my head!!!!

Have a SALUTE!!

And some randomness ahahaha *which I don't really do*

Does it suit me??? Hahaha I was a little shock the hair to turn out like this but it seems I should work a little more in my fashion sense hahaha~ 

Okay that's for today then~ Night night~!

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