Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Basic Tips to Shoo Your Pimples Away

I get it, is actually pretty stressful when you see pimple keeps popping out one after another. Is hard to look good when it just keep coming out, we tends to put more make ups to cover it but it eventually makes it worst. So why not get back to basic and try to protect our skin. Here is a video I found in Youtube and hope that you can get a little idea on the reason pimples pop out. (p.s I don't owe the video).

The tips that many people mention to me was 

1) Obviously make sure to keep you face super clean. Well.... not really have to be super clean but make sure is clean :D 


* It is important to wash your face because it helps in removing the impurities and extra oil from the surface of the skin. Cold water is encourage to be use while washing your pretty face as hot water will trigger the acne. 

2) MUST hold your urge and keep your fingers away from the pimples.


* Yes we always wanted to get rid of it once that fellow pops out, but if we didn't clear it out properly, it could get infected which = more pimples, darker scar and longer time to heal.

3) Watch where your hair going


* Your hair could provoke and irritate your pimple if they are sticking all over your face. Oily hair will burden your face with more oil, so wash regular and keep excessive oil away from your face.

4) Eat healthy people! 


* Fresh fruit and vegetable could really save your face. Junk foods tempt us easily but for the sake of pimple free face, it really worth for trying.

5) You need your sleep, so sleep early peeps~


* Sleep help in reducing the number of your pimple and also your stress! So don't feel bad that you didn't accomplish anything due to sleep in early. You will definitely be grateful once you start seeing changes in yourself! :)

These are very.... super simple tips that I know to PREVENT pimples but not eliminate them in a short amount of time! Although all of them were considered as common sense, but most of us had forgotten the basic and we tend to apply many more chemicals on our face so that we could get our desire results fast. 

I hope my tips helps and hope you have a pimple free skin~ :D

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gonna Be Foods

Hey there~! Today is the last day of November and I this post going to be all about the food! Lately there have been lots of concept cafes and restaurants opening in the mall, which made many people go crazy and try for it. Consider myself one of the outdated ones, I only tried them recently together with my friends.


The setting itself was actually pretty romantic and I was shocked that I was brought to such place to have a luxury dinner. Worried about my wallet and afraid to step in there we turn out to have a wonderful dinner and  birthday celebration in there. We had a a very big piece of beef and mashed potato and vegetable as side dish.

As for the finale, we had warm sticky date pudding on hot butterscotch sauce as a surprise for the birthday boy! It was indeed a great experience having meal over there and I super enjoyed it! (Cries and stare blankly at my wallet).

Next, Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is on business for quite some times but I just tried it like two days ago. Fail to have Magnum and Milkcow a few of my friends decided to have our tea time in Nana's Green Tea. This cute little cafe definitely fills their menu with lots of macha desserts and drinks. I'm not sure about the name, but the imagine down there were what we ordered that day.  

Maybe is just me, I don't really enjoy these two parfait as the macha taste is too strong and I barely taste other flavor. I personally don't think they are sweet but I think that will be my last visit there as their dessert didn't really fascinate me. This is my personal opinion  based on Nana's Green Tea, but  is definitely  a great spot for macha lovers! 

Moving on, Tim Ho Wan

A new dim sum place opposite the water fountain at The Gardens. If I am not mistaken, that day was their grand opening when I went to Tim Ho Wan with my boyfriend. I spotted the queue was very long during lunch hour and not so much during the early evening. We went in without queuing because the time we went for it was around 5pm. The best time to go in as it is too late for tea time and too early for dinner, but we 
went in anyway. 

For couple I think that we ordered too much, we ordered 9 items and each of them had 3 pieces with it. Stuffing in our food and sitting in there for quite some times, I swear that I will never go greedy on food anymore! ( But I am not the one ordering it!!) The dim sum were nice and I think after this post I should really start to lose some of those fat as for my preparation of COMIC FIESTA! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tadaimaaaa~ Angel!

Angel is finally back for the blog~! Of course is been a while again but now I am back and I am ready to update my life event that I had for the past 2 months. October, the month that I started my last semester for year 2. The last semester was pretty hectic even though I still find time to watch anime and manga * with the consequences of last minute studying*. Again, due to my new semester I really find hard time to blog especially when you are require to write journal everyday. Most of my idea for my blogging went for my journal and I am too L.A.Z.Y to come out with something new to post it here. Besides that, most of the time I attended class were most for assignments.

Assignment, assignment and pile of assignments.... There are like never ending. At least I make it through for now and not gonna think about my results for the time being since I am having my semester break. 

The greatest event happening in the mid October to me is that, I am finally stepping my life ahead with a great partner that had made a change in my life. My first crush -Ian-. Many said that he looks similar to Niga Higa, but all I do is just laugh and I too agree that he looks a little like him haha~!

Moving on~!
I miss my bestie Hanie as now she is striving hard and waiting for her last submission. Wishing all the best to her and I can't wait for her return back to Malaysia!! So while I was scrolling in my photo gallery, I came across the pictures she took of me the other day when she came back for her study break and it brought me back memories of " I AM SUPPOSE TO BLOG ABOUT IT!!"  Waalaa~!

 Credit for Hanie

A great shot and angle taken by Hanie!! But my tummy had totally destroy the thing hahahaha! If I am not mistaken, that was the time I actually gone fat for a while after having many feast! Muahaha~

Not only that, my first part time job as a tour guide for the Japanese student~!! I was invited by my friend and it was a great opportunity for me to use my Japanese!! Grabbing that chance and I accepted that job! It was a Brother and Sister event where we become their brother and sister for a day and bring them around KL. I had 7 onii chan (Brother) and my Japanese brothers said that I am one lucky sis! To be honest, I was actually very nervous during the meet up, but somehow it turn out they are awesome bros and they were very friendly with me. Travel by walking, we walked from Times Square to Pavillion then to KLCC Convention Center. Starving and we decided to have lunch at the convention center. We chatted and also talked about Anime!!! Luckily I was not label as a  crazy Otaku because they told me that I should have a least anime poster as wallpaper for the whole room to be consider as one crazy otaku~!! 

And it was my first time going into the Aquaria even though is already been there for many years. There aren't many types of fishes in there but I had a great time with the Japanese and it was really fun shopping in the souvenir shop while all of them start grabbing the plush toy and do funny faces. Guys playing with plush toys, it was hilarious at the same time...weird... haha.   

 A group photo with my bros!

They told me they will visit Malaysia again ( which I don't think they would lol :D ) and they would like me to bring them out next time! Same goes with me, I told them I will visit Japan one day and I hope we could stay in contact so that we able to meet up~! They prepared something small for me as a souvenir and I fell bad for not giving them anything. It was indeed awesome experience for both having a great time with the Japanese and also a successful first part time job!!

There are plenty more awesome events waiting for me ahead and I can't wait for them to come and blog about it!! 

Do look forward for my next post!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Otome Game that are in my Smartphone! 乙女 ゲーム, わたしの携帯電話に いる!

(anata, otome desu ka?)

イケメン のこと 好き?
(Ikemen no koto suki?)

Handsome yet naughty men , a fairy tale like of lifestyle and multiples endings of life are happening more than once, in the world of O-T-O-M-E game! And why would I said that, before I am a fan of otome game! 

For the first time I will be doing a review on Otome game because I had some conversation and comments regarding otome games in FB with several people not long ago, and we chat for quite some time because to otome game :). Due to that I would likely to share my interest in otome game it in my blog too!! Those otome buddies had most of the otome in PSP which most of them are in Japanese conversation... (I am trying my best to understand Japanese so that I could play as fast as they could), Is a hassle when it is in Japanese cause I take long time to understand the conversation and by the end of the day.... I had lost interested in it. So the medium that holds most pf my IKEMEN is my delicate smartphone...:x  Cause smartphone they provided English translated otome game!! YAY for me :3

I won't be doing their synopsis on these games, because the synopsis could get from the Google and also in Play Store while you wanted to download it. 

Yup! :3 And these are the amount of Otome Game that I played everyday~!
Although some I don't play them everyday..

I will rank these otome games from my Ichiban Suki to my not so Ichiban suki~! 

  1. My Forged Wedding Party (I like everything of this!!)
  2. Shallwedate? : Lost Island (Is thrilling and is makes you sweat love~!!)
  3. My Sweet Proposal ~Will You Marry Me?~ (this is more to the dreamlike wedding~!! woohoo)
  4. Shallwedate? : ScarletFate+ Fragments of the past  ( Is a nice story, and is long and and~!! I like a lot of sacrifices) 
  5. The Cinderella Contract ~ The Royal Wedding~
  6. Bidding For Love (bought by unknown man... is interesting~ trust me~!)
  7. Sweet Scandal ~ My Love Report~
  8. It's Our Secret
  9. Be My Princess for Gree (The art is nice~! The men are handsome~! but mission are tough)
  10. My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree ( This is good too~! cause you gotta choose your bodyguard~!)
  11. My Forbidden Love
  12. Office Lover ~ My Boss is a dangerous Playboy~
  13. Shallwedate? : Angel or Devil+ ~ Can we fall in love in 7 days~
  14. Shallwedate? : Ninja Assasint
  15. Arabian Night Love Story ~ Lamp of Destiny~ ( You are the Jinni)
  16. Shallwedate? : Mononoke Kiss+
  17. Shalwedate? : Ninja Love
  18. Shallwedate? : My Sweet Prince
  19. Arabian Night ~ Desert Heat Love~
  20. My Contract Marriage 
  21. Shallwedate? :My FairyTales+ ~ Meet the Prince Charming~
  22. Shallwedate? : Magic Sword+ ~ Knight of Fortune with the Excalibur~
  23. Destiny Ninja
  24. Celebrity Darling for Gree
  25. My Lover of Darkness: Vampire Darling (O_O Tho is is actually a BL game but I just think the guy as a girl soooooooo it was for the story!! Not really the BL-ness)
  26. Love! Sushi Ranger (This is where Sushi becomes human ahahahaha!!!)
  27. Stars Struck Love
  28. Love Academy
Yup~! These are the otome games that I am playing so far~! Do drop comment or FB private message me if you like to have otome chit chat with me~! *winks~!

Here it go

Do FB me at the link above~!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Facts of Me

Today is the start of my semester break and I decided to do write something about myself in here. The 20 facts of yourself is a hit in Instagram and Facebook for these few days. The 20 facts of yourself session is basically writing and sharing the real facts of yourself , so I will give it a try here in my blog too!

1. Angel or Ok (people tends to call me either)
2. Being mistaken as a mix 
3. A ballet, hip hop, latin dancer
4. Currently taking Japanese class
5. Language tat I know how to speak so far are BM, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, n Hakka N ENGLISH!
6. People tends to comfort me with the word petit instead of small
7. A blogger
8. Doing art crafts n painting 
9. An Aries child
10. Bikini! I would like to wear one...
11. I could said tat I am good in talk nonsense 
12. Loves dying my hair
13. I remember I did 4 ear piece at once
14. Pink everything~
15. Some tends to say tat I am an airhead
16. Having fetish of certain something now
17. Detest Horror movie!!! No haunted house!! No SILENT HILL NUOOO!!!!
18. Single 
19. I would like to try winning a lottery
20. I dun believe in ghost but I am scare of it... but I dun mind if I happened to meet a vampire!
22. Anime Daisuki!
23. Dating Virtual Man! I mean I play Otome games, and it's lot of them
24. Dun judge the book by its cover~ I might look innocent but I can be naughty sometimes~

I would share more of my interest and work in blogger in future~! Do drop any comments or request you would likely to know or likely to see in my blog~! I would be gladly sharing my interest with u ;)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Flying Teapot

Amaze by the title itself?? Yes I gonna share about this cafe called.... FLYING TEAPOT!! It sounds weird in the first place but I guarantee you, this a place where girls would like to hangout and take selfie with. The concept of this cafe is basically sweet and dreamy, not only that...this is also a place fill with PINK! I love pink~~! If you are a pink hater or you find pink is a pain in your eyes, I would likely suggest that this cafe is not suitable for you ;)

I couldn't get a very nice picture out of that place because the lighting where wasn't enough and it was pretty dim especially when it is night time. I am not sure about their working hour, but you definitely need some luck to visit this cafe because even my friend as a regular customer wouldn't even know when is their day off as they take rest in any random days. The name itself mention Flying Teapot, of course I would expect them to have teapot flying around! And Violaaaa~!!! FLYING TEAPOT...

These are the interior of the cafe. Pretty chillax and dreamy, the corner of the cafe also have a mini boutique which fill with unique design dress and shirts. And as for the food here.... basically all the food were label meat free and so IT HELP US TO GET ON DIET!! UNCONSCIOUSLY!!!! Vegetarians can eat at ease over here and dessert hunter could come here for desert too.... which I like not recommend it because my friend had a rainbow cake which look pretty appealing but the taste was....:x

Please excuse the low resolution of my phone camera... but it looks very pastel with naked eyes! I promise!
Furthermore, I had waffles~!! with Nutella spread and sprinkles of hazelnut. 

It was pretty stingy of them because I would like them to spread more of the Nutella spread and less hazelnut. Due to the lack of spread and more of the nuts, the waffles aren't that savory as I think it would be...and is DRYYYY!!! But owh well.... at least their atmosphere paid off! Lastly, my friend ordered a tea set before setting foot out of the cafe. which is Tokyo Sakura Tea... hmmm pretty Japanesey but I love it~!
What catch out eyes isn't the tea instead is the teapot!

The bunny teapot is so adorable and the cookies reminds me of Alice in Wonderland~! Once the tea set was set on our table, it was as thought a few of us were brought to wonderland haha~! The tea aroma is kinda pungent but surprisingly the tea itself was light. Hahaha luckily I did not turn into a vampire after a few sips~! (Because I can't sleep throughout the whole night if I drank tea)~  

So it was pretty mind blowing and I had a great time in the cafe which my friends~!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My August Wish~!

Time definitely flies when you having lots of things going on around you, who would have thought that August is already steeping into our life now?! My bestie Hanie have left around a month time, my latin dance competition had passed, my finals are getting closer?!?!? Finals is tormenting my happy time but I wish it could come faster and sooner! D:

My little prayer... ( I wish August will be nice to me) Animangaki is around the corner which is coming Saturday!!! Is gonna held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Center on 9 and 10 August 2014!! If I am not mistaken is gonna be on the convention hall is on the top floor of Sunway Pyramid cause is been a while I have my time in Sunway Pyramid, but for further detail do visit this link below


I am only available on day one... how I wish I could attend day two too!!!! I am really looking forward for cosplayer  and also the doujin booth since this will be the first time I attend it! ANIMANGAKI PLEASE BE NICE WITH MEEEEE!!!

Not only that, I will be going along as Amy from Suisei no Gargantia as Ally will be leaving this country to further her studies too! So I go with her wish and hope to get a nice group photo out of it!!

I will say this again...


Monday, July 14, 2014

July's Days

Is been a while again ~! July is being nice and yet not nice to me...
And why would I said not nice? .............. ASSignmentsssss..!!! I have to admit I really do hate doing homework because I love practical like running around doing something interesting yet it relates to my studies than sitting down starting at the screen working my butt to meet the due date. ( But amazingly it always work out fine but I just don't really enjoy the process of it haha)

And 14 of July, will mark as my bestie Hanie is leaving to persuade her studies. To be honest I really gonna miss her but I am still gonna wish her all the best and may all the luck always be with her~!!!!!!!! HANIE GAMBATTE!!!!!!

One last photo that we took together before Hanie left to Singapore. She did her hair ombre too so take makes us the Ombre Sister haha which it was mentioned in her blog too!

This was taken on the day I did my ombre hair once again hahaha. Of course the main purpose was for my cousin to try out the color though there are mistake in outcome but I am satisfied with it anyway~

And July is being nice to me.... because...... NEW EXPERIENCE IS GAIN!
Last week Sunday I step out from my comfort zone to get in touch with this competition.... 
OOOOHHHHH.... Just remembering it makes me felt a chill right down my spine..
With just the skills of just four month I bravely step into the grand stage and did my solo. It was nerve wrecking but this worth to be experienced it~ I scarified my fair skin to look muscular by tanning my skin with some awesome waterproof tanning cream. Hahaha I was and I felt like crying as I started to see my pretty fair skin being tanned..

As a result.... I looked like....

LOL I can't say that I am like him but is just when I tan myself the first character that came into my mind is him XD

I have great impression on the competition and all the sparkle and sexy fill the hall is indeed a boost up in my creative part of my mind. And now I have been sketching out some outfit from those inspiration~!


Not only that, I have been working on my group MV shooting too! Is a nice and new experience even thought I did get myself film before but filming together with buddies in college is indeed amusing~! 
I would upload it and share it in my blog too after once is being touch up and combine together!

Do look forward to my next post!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dance Camp

IS BEEN A LONG TIME AGAIN~~!! When was the last time I blog again? Hahaha well that doesn't matter, because I am about to share with you how "AMAZING" is my dance camp is :)
I haven't been in a dance camp for 2 years due to the previous hectic life but since now that I had settle down, I decide that it is time for myself to enjoy what I like- Dancing~! Dancing is one part of my interest, but I had some other interested too if you actually followed my blog you would know~! Back to the topic, this year the studio that I am currently learning ballet organised a dance camp specially to train our stamina and also allow us get to know various dance. Chinese dance, Indian dance, Modern Jazz and the sexy Belly dance! All of these four dance in a week, I would say that we have awesome will to strive till the end (; ʘ‿ʘ ) 

And here I will show you all the dance in our showcase~! 

Chinese Dance

Indian Dance

Modern Jazz


I love all the dance they're all so different and challenging.
Thanks for this camp for once I had been giving myself a hope of getting a diploma in dance, I think I should really do it since I had high interested in it~! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jibby & Co

How's everyone doing?
I am doing absolutely fine and sorta feeling a little off after I realize that C2age was a week ago... o.O...
I really do enjoy myself during those two days haha, but I so hope I could join any anime convention soon as I wanted to make friends with those cosplayer that had a friendly chat with me in Facebook :)

Back to the topic
Today's post gonna be about a cafe or so-called food spot that I had spotted when my aunt came to KL! But... the place wasn't really located in KL instead it located in Subang.


Located at Empire Shopping Gallery, but the shop itself doesn't located in the mall itself but outside.
It wasn't really a grand and huge shop, but it do gave  a feel that you can have a long chat or enjoy your time in there. I didn't take the exterior and interior design itself due to the shyness of myself..... * because I don't want to feel weird!* So I took these few picture from Google of it's exterior and interior.

I remembered the place was full when the time I went there.... IS A WEEKDAY!!!!! WEEKDAY...
*we were to told sit upstairs...which I don't really want to because it was so sunny in the afternoon...and I don't really like sunlight much especially in the afternoon*
Even though is just weekdays there are still lots of people willing to have their time there...
Not only that, since is a day out with my youngest aunt I always tend to dress up myself a little~

Was into crop top~ Don't why I just loves them and I bought a few of it~! But anyway that's not really the main point haha..

So after the waiter took us to our seat we start looking through the menu *of course ....what else you would do..*
My aunt decide to have pizza at last because she had trouble choosing from the menu due to her greediness :p and as for the cakes...my mom and my aunt have to take the trouble to go down and take order since the menu did not include cakes even though it wrote "DESSERT" 

I had ordered myself Cappuccino as my drink! I love love love Cappucino~! Love to coffee art too since I won't get this pattern often instead those simple and distorted love shape in my coffee D:

Smoked Salmon Pizza!!!!! This is really a thin crust!!!! To the state that I feel like I am eating fish on biscuit... No worries it taste nice if you are fine with the smell of salmon

Jyan jyan~! The cakes together with the drinks we had ordered~
If I am not mistaken their big hit is the Vogue cake which is the one one the left.
Well when it comes to the price.....it was a little pricey.. σ( ̄、 ̄〃).....

(╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

But I had a great time over there so I recommend this place for tea time and when dine in please watch out your wallet!!!! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

C2age Rave 2014

10 & 11 May 2014, C2age Rave 2014 was held in the HELP CAT ( College of Art & Technology) which is the college that I currently study at.This is my second year participating in this event and I was glad that I got to be one of the volunteer!! *but the main point is I wanted to see Reika and Hiiro...* Anyway as I was saying, this year they really did improve as I could say it was way better and well organize than last year's.

If a your bestie had a stay over at your house, most likely you might want to chat all night long with your pals right? *especially we're girlsHanie my best friend had a stay over at my house so that we could go C2age together and I say as  "bonding time". We chatted many topics which always gone off track and we definetly did not noticed time always flies awfully fast when then hand of the clock strike midnight.... but of course we never get to end our topic until one of us said tired. So after a few hours sleep we woke up in daze and start to dress up ourselves which I kinda pity Hanie she was sorta like got force up because I have to be there early since I am a volunteer... and..... Woooohoooo she get to be the fourth person lining up for the tickets haha!

The event starts at 10 am but unfortunately I wasn't there to witness the countdown.. So I took a photo from the college which there has window that could see the abandon mall next to it.

Is still way too early in the morning so this is how is like.. (That's Day 1)
But no worries as time pass the crowd is getting more haha
I did nothing much for first day as I spend time with my friends doing mini photo shoot~! And also there for the meet and greet session with Reika, Hiiro and Clive! Super happy and got their autograph!

Super happy after I got their autograph~! But not only that...

Well for the sake of taking photo we mustered up the courage to ask Reika and Hiiro directly in Japanese for the photo!!! OMG THAT IS SO NERVOUS UNTIL MY FACE GOT SO TENSE UP THAT LOOKS LIKE GOOFY!!! 
Yea..yea... there are people who keeps on saying we're the selfie girl selfie girl... but owhh well I understand that "that person" is jealous but..... I GOT IT ANYWAY AHAHAHAHA! OUH YAY WE'RE THE SELFIE GIRL! * and I don't really takes that person's word in mind since I have a big heart~*
After the meet and greet session with taking photo, most of the people went home~
Is pretty nice to see people got hyped up and high five with Reika and Hiiro.. 
I WANT THAT TOO! too bad I don't have the courage.... 
I am too timid... *sobs*

That conclude my Day 1, and as for Day 2
We the volunteer was notifies that we don't need to meet up early so I guess I get to rest up a bit before it starts :)
My shift for my Day 2 is standing at the exhibition session which actually just right beside the Iron man collection

Tadaaaa!!! Is me and Miss Ky Li on our shift!! hahaha she's my bestie too~!
Thank you Mr. Dragon Sim help use take photo with his collection! He's treat us nice and he help us took a few photo too~! haha that's very nice of him!

Lunch hour strikes and we're off with our shift!
Having another sushi day again since I don't know where to get the coupon for the volunteers... *sobs*
We took rather long for lunch since we wouldn't know what to do after it, but seeing so many people having problem with the seating we gather our things and start our cosplayer hunt!

For this time instead of taking lots of cosplayer I took their candid shot!!! CANDID SHOT!!!
Posing and get photo taken? why not be taken when you do not realize?
Well I do hope that I do not offend anyone with it since there might be people might not like it.. *then I will have to apologize for that*
Do Feel free to tag yourself if you do found yourself in the photo I took!
Not only that you could add me too and I too looking forward for that!

For Day 2 meet and greet.... well I didn't attend for it since I thought it would be likely the same as Day 1.
And using the time I did a little photoshoot of myself of course with the help of Ky Li :3

Hahaha... please ignore my unladylike..
I always wanted to do this pose but I am too shy to do it in front of the public.
So cosplay did help me to gain a little confidence for myself
*Do give comment on it and I am willing to improve myself :D*

And to sweeten the hearts of the volunteers, Reika and Hiiro had gave out fans service by singing to us~~
wooohoo~~ Heart warming~!

It wasn't really a clear image due to using a phone camera, but able to catch this shot up I am pretty much impress of myself because my phone battery level left 5%... during that time.. O.o
Happy singing and everyone was crazy of encoring... haha but I am glad that the guest had spend a good time in Malaysia and also do hoped that everyone that attend to C2age enjoyed themselves too *even though mostly of them are for Reika and Hiiro... whoopps~ no offence yah*

Gladly leave down some comments and also do FOLLOW my blog please~!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

After A Long Hiatus and Reveal A New Blogskin

It has been month that I have not update anything in my blog and I bet always started of my blog with apologies... haha...
But anyway this time I had made a good use time to redecorate my own blog as I found my previous blogskin a little childish.
I won't post up any interesting topic for today as I had a terrible headache... Do give comment about the template so that I could make it better and much more easier for view thank you :)

Good night!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blogging Post Syndrome

Recently I have been infected my this syndrome due to lack of motivation to things and lost interest in certain things very easily. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? Hahaha today will mark a week that I had gathering with my besties. Supposedly to blog about that gathering a week ago I guess that the "feel" of sending my fingers on the keyboard wasn't happening there. I am now basically a slug..... (that's likely what I would call myself) that moves slow and....... n slower. Blogging suppose to be fun for me last time but now it seems like a hassle to me but it do bring advantage to me because I can speak my mind here. Or I should just blame my hormones for it since it would be easier that way. 

Ouh anyway, I wouldn't talk about that anymore. Tomorrow is....... VALENTINE DAY!!!!!!!!
And in conjunction of Valentine would share some pictures that I saw in Tumblr in this post 

A little sick joke from Jean~?

Anyone who is single.... I hope you feel much better after seeing this~

Valentines must not left the...... SWEETS!!!!!!!!




And last but not least~

They look delicious aren't day~~~ 
Hahaha and here I wish the couples Happy Valentines and to the Singles.....

Happy Single Awareness Day~~!!!!!!! :)