Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Mark this as my First Post!

New year was just like yesterday to me, I have no idea time passes so fast and now January is soon going to end. I haven't done any blog post for this year as you know I going to give this logic reason I AM SO DAMN BUSY WITH MY NEW SEMESTER! Is all crap because once again I have to stick with paper works. 

But year 2014 is been good with me so for the time being I have no complain for it. Everything seems so smooth though there is always something that makes your life complicated, I think~  Never Back Down at little obstacle, that is something I must forever keeps in mind and I hope it able to encourage people who lost their hopes in life haha.

As for this year, I got an interesting habit which is posing myself in front of the mirror. I have been wondering is that a good thing or bad thing since this is a horrible habit and it just feel so wrong by doing it, but I do hope it able to help me to get an right angle in taking photos. Due to Chinese New Year is just arounf the corner my pimple started to came out as if they are inviting the come of that celebration, in other words I can't get my selfy because of them! and I have a phobia of them coming back too...

I don't really have much to talk about since this post I just want to express my impression for this year. Hope to take more pictures and able to share it to everyone~  

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  1. Haha dun worry bout your pimples XD
    I have flea bites all over my legs thanks to my cats. Red spots everywhere and they itch so much!!!