Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blogging Post Syndrome

Recently I have been infected my this syndrome due to lack of motivation to things and lost interest in certain things very easily. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? Hahaha today will mark a week that I had gathering with my besties. Supposedly to blog about that gathering a week ago I guess that the "feel" of sending my fingers on the keyboard wasn't happening there. I am now basically a slug..... (that's likely what I would call myself) that moves slow and....... n slower. Blogging suppose to be fun for me last time but now it seems like a hassle to me but it do bring advantage to me because I can speak my mind here. Or I should just blame my hormones for it since it would be easier that way. 

Ouh anyway, I wouldn't talk about that anymore. Tomorrow is....... VALENTINE DAY!!!!!!!!
And in conjunction of Valentine would share some pictures that I saw in Tumblr in this post 

A little sick joke from Jean~?

Anyone who is single.... I hope you feel much better after seeing this~

Valentines must not left the...... SWEETS!!!!!!!!




And last but not least~

They look delicious aren't day~~~ 
Hahaha and here I wish the couples Happy Valentines and to the Singles.....

Happy Single Awareness Day~~!!!!!!! :)