Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jibby & Co

How's everyone doing?
I am doing absolutely fine and sorta feeling a little off after I realize that C2age was a week ago... o.O...
I really do enjoy myself during those two days haha, but I so hope I could join any anime convention soon as I wanted to make friends with those cosplayer that had a friendly chat with me in Facebook :)

Back to the topic
Today's post gonna be about a cafe or so-called food spot that I had spotted when my aunt came to KL! But... the place wasn't really located in KL instead it located in Subang.


Located at Empire Shopping Gallery, but the shop itself doesn't located in the mall itself but outside.
It wasn't really a grand and huge shop, but it do gave  a feel that you can have a long chat or enjoy your time in there. I didn't take the exterior and interior design itself due to the shyness of myself..... * because I don't want to feel weird!* So I took these few picture from Google of it's exterior and interior.

I remembered the place was full when the time I went there.... IS A WEEKDAY!!!!! WEEKDAY...
*we were to told sit upstairs...which I don't really want to because it was so sunny in the afternoon...and I don't really like sunlight much especially in the afternoon*
Even though is just weekdays there are still lots of people willing to have their time there...
Not only that, since is a day out with my youngest aunt I always tend to dress up myself a little~

Was into crop top~ Don't why I just loves them and I bought a few of it~! But anyway that's not really the main point haha..

So after the waiter took us to our seat we start looking through the menu *of course ....what else you would do..*
My aunt decide to have pizza at last because she had trouble choosing from the menu due to her greediness :p and as for the mom and my aunt have to take the trouble to go down and take order since the menu did not include cakes even though it wrote "DESSERT" 

I had ordered myself Cappuccino as my drink! I love love love Cappucino~! Love to coffee art too since I won't get this pattern often instead those simple and distorted love shape in my coffee D:

Smoked Salmon Pizza!!!!! This is really a thin crust!!!! To the state that I feel like I am eating fish on biscuit... No worries it taste nice if you are fine with the smell of salmon

Jyan jyan~! The cakes together with the drinks we had ordered~
If I am not mistaken their big hit is the Vogue cake which is the one one the left.
Well when it comes to the was a little pricey.. σ( ̄、 ̄〃).....

(╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

But I had a great time over there so I recommend this place for tea time and when dine in please watch out your wallet!!!! 

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