Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dance Camp

IS BEEN A LONG TIME AGAIN~~!! When was the last time I blog again? Hahaha well that doesn't matter, because I am about to share with you how "AMAZING" is my dance camp is :)
I haven't been in a dance camp for 2 years due to the previous hectic life but since now that I had settle down, I decide that it is time for myself to enjoy what I like- Dancing~! Dancing is one part of my interest, but I had some other interested too if you actually followed my blog you would know~! Back to the topic, this year the studio that I am currently learning ballet organised a dance camp specially to train our stamina and also allow us get to know various dance. Chinese dance, Indian dance, Modern Jazz and the sexy Belly dance! All of these four dance in a week, I would say that we have awesome will to strive till the end (; ʘ‿ʘ ) 

And here I will show you all the dance in our showcase~! 

Chinese Dance

Indian Dance

Modern Jazz


I love all the dance they're all so different and challenging.
Thanks for this camp for once I had been giving myself a hope of getting a diploma in dance, I think I should really do it since I had high interested in it~!