Monday, July 14, 2014

July's Days

Is been a while again ~! July is being nice and yet not nice to me...
And why would I said not nice? .............. ASSignmentsssss..!!! I have to admit I really do hate doing homework because I love practical like running around doing something interesting yet it relates to my studies than sitting down starting at the screen working my butt to meet the due date. ( But amazingly it always work out fine but I just don't really enjoy the process of it haha)

And 14 of July, will mark as my bestie Hanie is leaving to persuade her studies. To be honest I really gonna miss her but I am still gonna wish her all the best and may all the luck always be with her~!!!!!!!! HANIE GAMBATTE!!!!!!

One last photo that we took together before Hanie left to Singapore. She did her hair ombre too so take makes us the Ombre Sister haha which it was mentioned in her blog too!

This was taken on the day I did my ombre hair once again hahaha. Of course the main purpose was for my cousin to try out the color though there are mistake in outcome but I am satisfied with it anyway~

And July is being nice to me.... because...... NEW EXPERIENCE IS GAIN!
Last week Sunday I step out from my comfort zone to get in touch with this competition.... 
OOOOHHHHH.... Just remembering it makes me felt a chill right down my spine..
With just the skills of just four month I bravely step into the grand stage and did my solo. It was nerve wrecking but this worth to be experienced it~ I scarified my fair skin to look muscular by tanning my skin with some awesome waterproof tanning cream. Hahaha I was and I felt like crying as I started to see my pretty fair skin being tanned..

As a result.... I looked like....

LOL I can't say that I am like him but is just when I tan myself the first character that came into my mind is him XD

I have great impression on the competition and all the sparkle and sexy fill the hall is indeed a boost up in my creative part of my mind. And now I have been sketching out some outfit from those inspiration~!


Not only that, I have been working on my group MV shooting too! Is a nice and new experience even thought I did get myself film before but filming together with buddies in college is indeed amusing~! 
I would upload it and share it in my blog too after once is being touch up and combine together!

Do look forward to my next post!