Monday, August 4, 2014

Flying Teapot

Amaze by the title itself?? Yes I gonna share about this cafe called.... FLYING TEAPOT!! It sounds weird in the first place but I guarantee you, this a place where girls would like to hangout and take selfie with. The concept of this cafe is basically sweet and dreamy, not only that...this is also a place fill with PINK! I love pink~~! If you are a pink hater or you find pink is a pain in your eyes, I would likely suggest that this cafe is not suitable for you ;)

I couldn't get a very nice picture out of that place because the lighting where wasn't enough and it was pretty dim especially when it is night time. I am not sure about their working hour, but you definitely need some luck to visit this cafe because even my friend as a regular customer wouldn't even know when is their day off as they take rest in any random days. The name itself mention Flying Teapot, of course I would expect them to have teapot flying around! And Violaaaa~!!! FLYING TEAPOT...

These are the interior of the cafe. Pretty chillax and dreamy, the corner of the cafe also have a mini boutique which fill with unique design dress and shirts. And as for the food here.... basically all the food were label meat free and so IT HELP US TO GET ON DIET!! UNCONSCIOUSLY!!!! Vegetarians can eat at ease over here and dessert hunter could come here for desert too.... which I like not recommend it because my friend had a rainbow cake which look pretty appealing but the taste was....:x

Please excuse the low resolution of my phone camera... but it looks very pastel with naked eyes! I promise!
Furthermore, I had waffles~!! with Nutella spread and sprinkles of hazelnut. 

It was pretty stingy of them because I would like them to spread more of the Nutella spread and less hazelnut. Due to the lack of spread and more of the nuts, the waffles aren't that savory as I think it would be...and is DRYYYY!!! But owh well.... at least their atmosphere paid off! Lastly, my friend ordered a tea set before setting foot out of the cafe. which is Tokyo Sakura Tea... hmmm pretty Japanesey but I love it~!
What catch out eyes isn't the tea instead is the teapot!

The bunny teapot is so adorable and the cookies reminds me of Alice in Wonderland~! Once the tea set was set on our table, it was as thought a few of us were brought to wonderland haha~! The tea aroma is kinda pungent but surprisingly the tea itself was light. Hahaha luckily I did not turn into a vampire after a few sips~! (Because I can't sleep throughout the whole night if I drank tea)~  

So it was pretty mind blowing and I had a great time in the cafe which my friends~!!!

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