Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Otome Game that are in my Smartphone! 乙女 ゲーム, わたしの携帯電話に いる!

(anata, otome desu ka?)

イケメン のこと 好き?
(Ikemen no koto suki?)

Handsome yet naughty men , a fairy tale like of lifestyle and multiples endings of life are happening more than once, in the world of O-T-O-M-E game! And why would I said that, before I am a fan of otome game! 

For the first time I will be doing a review on Otome game because I had some conversation and comments regarding otome games in FB with several people not long ago, and we chat for quite some time because to otome game :). Due to that I would likely to share my interest in otome game it in my blog too!! Those otome buddies had most of the otome in PSP which most of them are in Japanese conversation... (I am trying my best to understand Japanese so that I could play as fast as they could), Is a hassle when it is in Japanese cause I take long time to understand the conversation and by the end of the day.... I had lost interested in it. So the medium that holds most pf my IKEMEN is my delicate smartphone...:x  Cause smartphone they provided English translated otome game!! YAY for me :3

I won't be doing their synopsis on these games, because the synopsis could get from the Google and also in Play Store while you wanted to download it. 

Yup! :3 And these are the amount of Otome Game that I played everyday~!
Although some I don't play them everyday..

I will rank these otome games from my Ichiban Suki to my not so Ichiban suki~! 

  1. My Forged Wedding Party (I like everything of this!!)
  2. Shallwedate? : Lost Island (Is thrilling and is makes you sweat love~!!)
  3. My Sweet Proposal ~Will You Marry Me?~ (this is more to the dreamlike wedding~!! woohoo)
  4. Shallwedate? : ScarletFate+ Fragments of the past  ( Is a nice story, and is long and and~!! I like a lot of sacrifices) 
  5. The Cinderella Contract ~ The Royal Wedding~
  6. Bidding For Love (bought by unknown man... is interesting~ trust me~!)
  7. Sweet Scandal ~ My Love Report~
  8. It's Our Secret
  9. Be My Princess for Gree (The art is nice~! The men are handsome~! but mission are tough)
  10. My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree ( This is good too~! cause you gotta choose your bodyguard~!)
  11. My Forbidden Love
  12. Office Lover ~ My Boss is a dangerous Playboy~
  13. Shallwedate? : Angel or Devil+ ~ Can we fall in love in 7 days~
  14. Shallwedate? : Ninja Assasint
  15. Arabian Night Love Story ~ Lamp of Destiny~ ( You are the Jinni)
  16. Shallwedate? : Mononoke Kiss+
  17. Shalwedate? : Ninja Love
  18. Shallwedate? : My Sweet Prince
  19. Arabian Night ~ Desert Heat Love~
  20. My Contract Marriage 
  21. Shallwedate? :My FairyTales+ ~ Meet the Prince Charming~
  22. Shallwedate? : Magic Sword+ ~ Knight of Fortune with the Excalibur~
  23. Destiny Ninja
  24. Celebrity Darling for Gree
  25. My Lover of Darkness: Vampire Darling (O_O Tho is is actually a BL game but I just think the guy as a girl soooooooo it was for the story!! Not really the BL-ness)
  26. Love! Sushi Ranger (This is where Sushi becomes human ahahahaha!!!)
  27. Stars Struck Love
  28. Love Academy
Yup~! These are the otome games that I am playing so far~! Do drop comment or FB private message me if you like to have otome chit chat with me~! *winks~!

Here it go

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Facts of Me

Today is the start of my semester break and I decided to do write something about myself in here. The 20 facts of yourself is a hit in Instagram and Facebook for these few days. The 20 facts of yourself session is basically writing and sharing the real facts of yourself , so I will give it a try here in my blog too!

1. Angel or Ok (people tends to call me either)
2. Being mistaken as a mix 
3. A ballet, hip hop, latin dancer
4. Currently taking Japanese class
5. Language tat I know how to speak so far are BM, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, n Hakka N ENGLISH!
6. People tends to comfort me with the word petit instead of small
7. A blogger
8. Doing art crafts n painting 
9. An Aries child
10. Bikini! I would like to wear one...
11. I could said tat I am good in talk nonsense 
12. Loves dying my hair
13. I remember I did 4 ear piece at once
14. Pink everything~
15. Some tends to say tat I am an airhead
16. Having fetish of certain something now
17. Detest Horror movie!!! No haunted house!! No SILENT HILL NUOOO!!!!
18. Single 
19. I would like to try winning a lottery
20. I dun believe in ghost but I am scare of it... but I dun mind if I happened to meet a vampire!
22. Anime Daisuki!
23. Dating Virtual Man! I mean I play Otome games, and it's lot of them
24. Dun judge the book by its cover~ I might look innocent but I can be naughty sometimes~

I would share more of my interest and work in blogger in future~! Do drop any comments or request you would likely to know or likely to see in my blog~! I would be gladly sharing my interest with u ;)