Monday, September 8, 2014

Facts of Me

Today is the start of my semester break and I decided to do write something about myself in here. The 20 facts of yourself is a hit in Instagram and Facebook for these few days. The 20 facts of yourself session is basically writing and sharing the real facts of yourself , so I will give it a try here in my blog too!

1. Angel or Ok (people tends to call me either)
2. Being mistaken as a mix 
3. A ballet, hip hop, latin dancer
4. Currently taking Japanese class
5. Language tat I know how to speak so far are BM, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, n Hakka N ENGLISH!
6. People tends to comfort me with the word petit instead of small
7. A blogger
8. Doing art crafts n painting 
9. An Aries child
10. Bikini! I would like to wear one...
11. I could said tat I am good in talk nonsense 
12. Loves dying my hair
13. I remember I did 4 ear piece at once
14. Pink everything~
15. Some tends to say tat I am an airhead
16. Having fetish of certain something now
17. Detest Horror movie!!! No haunted house!! No SILENT HILL NUOOO!!!!
18. Single 
19. I would like to try winning a lottery
20. I dun believe in ghost but I am scare of it... but I dun mind if I happened to meet a vampire!
22. Anime Daisuki!
23. Dating Virtual Man! I mean I play Otome games, and it's lot of them
24. Dun judge the book by its cover~ I might look innocent but I can be naughty sometimes~

I would share more of my interest and work in blogger in future~! Do drop any comments or request you would likely to know or likely to see in my blog~! I would be gladly sharing my interest with u ;)

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