Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gonna Be Foods

Hey there~! Today is the last day of November and I this post going to be all about the food! Lately there have been lots of concept cafes and restaurants opening in the mall, which made many people go crazy and try for it. Consider myself one of the outdated ones, I only tried them recently together with my friends.


The setting itself was actually pretty romantic and I was shocked that I was brought to such place to have a luxury dinner. Worried about my wallet and afraid to step in there we turn out to have a wonderful dinner and  birthday celebration in there. We had a a very big piece of beef and mashed potato and vegetable as side dish.

As for the finale, we had warm sticky date pudding on hot butterscotch sauce as a surprise for the birthday boy! It was indeed a great experience having meal over there and I super enjoyed it! (Cries and stare blankly at my wallet).

Next, Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is on business for quite some times but I just tried it like two days ago. Fail to have Magnum and Milkcow a few of my friends decided to have our tea time in Nana's Green Tea. This cute little cafe definitely fills their menu with lots of macha desserts and drinks. I'm not sure about the name, but the imagine down there were what we ordered that day.  

Maybe is just me, I don't really enjoy these two parfait as the macha taste is too strong and I barely taste other flavor. I personally don't think they are sweet but I think that will be my last visit there as their dessert didn't really fascinate me. This is my personal opinion  based on Nana's Green Tea, but  is definitely  a great spot for macha lovers! 

Moving on, Tim Ho Wan

A new dim sum place opposite the water fountain at The Gardens. If I am not mistaken, that day was their grand opening when I went to Tim Ho Wan with my boyfriend. I spotted the queue was very long during lunch hour and not so much during the early evening. We went in without queuing because the time we went for it was around 5pm. The best time to go in as it is too late for tea time and too early for dinner, but we 
went in anyway. 

For couple I think that we ordered too much, we ordered 9 items and each of them had 3 pieces with it. Stuffing in our food and sitting in there for quite some times, I swear that I will never go greedy on food anymore! ( But I am not the one ordering it!!) The dim sum were nice and I think after this post I should really start to lose some of those fat as for my preparation of COMIC FIESTA! 

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