Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Basic Tips to Shoo Your Pimples Away

I get it, is actually pretty stressful when you see pimple keeps popping out one after another. Is hard to look good when it just keep coming out, we tends to put more make ups to cover it but it eventually makes it worst. So why not get back to basic and try to protect our skin. Here is a video I found in Youtube and hope that you can get a little idea on the reason pimples pop out. (p.s I don't owe the video).

The tips that many people mention to me was 

1) Obviously make sure to keep you face super clean. Well.... not really have to be super clean but make sure is clean :D 


* It is important to wash your face because it helps in removing the impurities and extra oil from the surface of the skin. Cold water is encourage to be use while washing your pretty face as hot water will trigger the acne. 

2) MUST hold your urge and keep your fingers away from the pimples.


* Yes we always wanted to get rid of it once that fellow pops out, but if we didn't clear it out properly, it could get infected which = more pimples, darker scar and longer time to heal.

3) Watch where your hair going


* Your hair could provoke and irritate your pimple if they are sticking all over your face. Oily hair will burden your face with more oil, so wash regular and keep excessive oil away from your face.

4) Eat healthy people! 


* Fresh fruit and vegetable could really save your face. Junk foods tempt us easily but for the sake of pimple free face, it really worth for trying.

5) You need your sleep, so sleep early peeps~


* Sleep help in reducing the number of your pimple and also your stress! So don't feel bad that you didn't accomplish anything due to sleep in early. You will definitely be grateful once you start seeing changes in yourself! :)

These are very.... super simple tips that I know to PREVENT pimples but not eliminate them in a short amount of time! Although all of them were considered as common sense, but most of us had forgotten the basic and we tend to apply many more chemicals on our face so that we could get our desire results fast. 

I hope my tips helps and hope you have a pimple free skin~ :D


  1. hahaha i used to laugh those with pimples as they are lazy to take care of their face, who knows karma is real! haha
    anyway i think avoid touching ur face is one thing that i cant avoid >.<

    1. Hehehe YESSS! I GET U!!! Once in a while I will try and get rid of it but.... I curse myself doing it especially some that didn't came out after minutes of torturing!! It get swollen and it's gonna be on the face of a few days... Hold your urge and try not to stare in the mirror so much hahaha! I hope it helps :D