Sunday, January 18, 2015


This will mark the first post I did for the year 2015. Year 2014 had gave me a lot of wonderful moment and also lesson to become a greater person which I hope that 2015 would give me the same. Last year a few things had came in touch to my life, example The Sims 3, photoshop, boyfriend, long lost friend, cosplay :3 and LOL(League Of Legend) !!!!

I am still learning how to use photoshop as their function is pretty complicated, but still it will never stop me from using it. When the creative part of me strikes, The Sims 3 is one of my bestie~ I build pretty houses for my own chara and I am pretty proud of it. Few days ago my laptop started to betray me, he has been lagging like his own business ( My laptop is a he btw haha) and I had hard time doing a lot of things with it especially when comes to Sims 3 and LOL.. D: I trying to ask my friend to fix it for me and I wish that Mr. Laptop get well ASAP!!!

Yup, I started to mingle myself more in cosplay because it actually getting addictive! It gonna cost more for me in future as I would start buying a lot of stuff for my cosplay. Cosplay actually takes up amount of money and also time, but with the work of good planning and good "money management", I think everything gonna work out well. I did Mikoto Mikasa and Naruto Girl last year during Comic Fiesta. It was a success and I am very happy with the outcome of my outfit.

My Bestie Hanie did a mini photoshoot for me and I had fun playing with her big big reflector and also doing weird weird pose. It was another great experience working with her hehe~

Two of her take that I like the most~ Thanks Hanie once again! I am really really grateful to her that she takes the trouble to help me take photo even though she is in her cosplay outfit. I tried to help her take a few shot for her pretty cosplay but!!! I failed and I am ashamed of myself looollll! I have to start learning the angles haha. 

Here is my WorldCosplay Account :
Feel free to follow me and look for the updates of my cosplay~ 

Here da selfie I took with my phone on Comic Fiesta~~

Hanie with her Spirit Away - Chihiro cos

My college friend Joey

Me and Ashe!!!!!!

The senpai that always spot me no matter which convention!

Day 2 Joey in Mavis cos from Fairy tail

Hanie as my photographer of the day

Comic Fiesta day 2 ended

Moving on to one of the big event of the year. Ballet dance concert. Together with my dance buddies we had been practicing for 2 months and had lot of noises every class. We get to know each other better instead of just knowing each other's existence! 

The concert was a success and we all had a great time! 

My 2014 ended with tons of surprises and also happiness~ Thanks 2014.