Friday, April 24, 2015

Semester Break = My Life is Coming Back

Once again, I am back after my semester break. Long semester take up most of my time because of heavy assignments and barely have things to inspired me to blog. Ok, since no I have my holiday for one month, I did a listing of things that I have to accomplish before my next semester comes.

- First is of course WATCH ALL MY LISTED ANIME! (I am a Otaku after all)
- Need to do water color painting of my OC and also brainstorm on the story that was based on my dream hurhurhur~ :3
- Yes, brush my my Japanese skills and work more on my grammar. I passed my N3 JLPT test and I am trying my best to study till N2. Is not easy since I am not fully utilizing Japanese here in Malaysia and over here, barely have people speaks Japanese with me other than my sensei and my one and only senpai. ( After my Densya (Train) incident, I am so embarrassed of making the same mistake again, because people here give weird stare to whatever you do)
- Then also do some serving online to look for more otome game and otome game picture ( which I would recommend Tumblr hehehe~)

Not only that, today I finally start playing Touken Ranbu with my bestie Hanie hehe~ The art is so nice and the guys in there are hot!!!!! BIESHIE EVERYWHERE!!!!! I did hours of cracking in and almost lose hope of playing it, and guess what? When I finally able to went in, they noticed me saying that the page is on maintenance.....

So after few hours of waiting finally it works and tadddaaaa~~~!!! I choose Kashuu Kiyomitsu! I had dilemma between Kashuu and Mutsunokami cause the both of them are my type~~~ Such a cute shota~ I hope this game will continue to surprise me~!

So one month break feels short when I realized that I have so many things to accomplish. Hope I accomplish all my to-do-list and start my fresh new semester with no regrets :)