Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Interest: Selfshot

Hey guys Angel is back on her blog again haha~ Yup, recently I develop a new self interest of taking self shot. It seems interesting because firstly I am never good in taking self shot and I would take plenty of shot just to get one right. Seeing other Instagramers took their selfie inspired me, they made me go like " They are good with their face and angle" ( Yes I wanna be like them self confidence, and be artistic with own self features ). Yes, so just recently I started to do self shot. Trying to do different poses to bring out different style~

This is one of the self shot I take after I finish my Grade 8 ballet exam ohohoho~

Together with my childhood friend~ We have been dancing and playing crazy together for 16 years~ Talk about getting old, those golden happy times pass by amazingly fast.

My group for my exam, realized what is our common? (Yes/No?)
Common 1: We're around the same height
Common 2: We're around the same size
Common 3: We're cute..? (LOL)

Grade 8 ballet exam participants . Full of smiles, and pray for good results. :P

This is a self shot I did a month ago, as one of my friend request me to selfie.

Yes, from this self shot onward I being to develop interest in selfshot. (Haku inspired) 

And just today, I realized that I have one side dimple after one of my relative told me. I never ever thought that the weird hole there on my face was a dimple these whole time because my knowledge of dimples is... They always come in pairs. LOL. 

Not only that, today I finally cut out my "dry weeds" (which were the bottom part of my hair). They were dry and many tangles, so I decided to cut them off so that my hair will look more healthy. I did my fringe too, and it makes me feel like I am a protagonist in a game ohoho ( Fringe by covering one side of my eyes) 

So for my conclusion, I started to like taking selfshot and I will continue to do more of it along with my cosplay too hehe~

Can follow my :-

For my Cosplay: 

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