Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pedal Hard for Anime

Whooozz~ Time really flies like nobody's business, my semester is finally coming to an end and today is my last day of holiday. This semester has treated me well and I feel more complete because everyday there is things for me to do and I barely even have time to do nothing! So as for today post I gonna share my views of the anime that I watched during my semester break!

* Beware Spoilers ahead!

1st Yowamushi Pedal

The best anime anime I watched during my break! I pedal hard for 4 days to complete this anime series!! Every episode is full of humor and I personally think that it has a good story plot and also a great ending! (Thanks to Hanie my best friend who introduced it to me) I knew this anime for quite sometimes but thanks to Maki-chan, because he has the weirdest look and the weirdest hair color and it didn't hit me to watch it. But things changed after I watched it! I love him and so do Hanie hahahaha!! He is the first long hair guy I ever had interest to.

After watching this anime I can never look at bicycle the same way again~!! One day I found a foreign riding a road racer and I straight away go: Nyaaahhh~ Is a blonde with ROAD RACER! It change my perspective and my urge to cycle somehow came back to me, and I regretted that I have gave my bicycle to my cousins. Because of Onoda Hime Paaawaa~ I enjoyed every single episode and each and everyone of them have their specialties and also "their pass issues" ( Which made them who they are.) 

I truly recommend this anime if anyone of you are interested in watching anime! Since summer is coming soon, you might wanna hit outdoor after watching it~! :3

2nd Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Tomoe~ Tomoe~ Yes~ Tomoe is my favorite chara in Kamisama Hajimemashita! And followed my Mizuki~! I don't mind having them as my divined even they hit me and humiliated me lololol! They are such cutie and they do theit job well. Muzuki will satisfied me with premium sake and Tomoe can  fill my space during my study hours~ How I wish they were real sometimes :3 .Of course, there is always the dark place somewhere in my heart hoped that Nanami wouldn't marry Tomoe in future, because I really really like Tomoe and just wanted Nanami to leave him alone ( tho he's gonna be lonely).  This anime is good too~ For those who go for handsome bishies and also sweet love, this anime is for you!

3rd Aldnoah Zero 

Sci-fi, mecha anime with two hotties fight each other for the end of war. Inaho and Slaine~ are striving hard to fight each other for the Princess (which I didn't care much of her). THEY ARE NOT MEND TO FIGHT EACH OTHER!!! They are good boys after all D: I feel sad when Slaine was kept in the prison and have to pretend that he's dead.... Is not a good ending for Slaine and Inaho took out his catalytic engine which he only left one eye... But should thank god that at least he's alive in the end since I fear that the ending would be like Kakumeiki Valvrave, where all the handsome I like died. This anime is not bad either, but since it is not mainstream so not many had watch it.

Yup~ So these are the few anime I watched during my three week break, hope you guys could share your insight with me if you do watched or you attempt to watch it hehe~ 

And here is my Bloglovin as some people requested me to have one hehe~

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